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Our Vision

Vision statement on our teaching practice

We aim to shaping future hydrology and climate scientists and engineers: creative, critical and technically educated students who are ready to discover the water cycle and climate change globally or regionally and solve the relevant problems. 

We will provide a distincly broad education, from fundamental hydrological and climate sciences, hydrological and earth system modelling sciences to technical courses. Our students are expected to have a full insight in this field and have various options of their careers: becoming scientific researchers, working in hydrogical companies, or helping the policy-making.

At the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, we think it is important to educate critical students, who can develop and defend a well-reasoned vision. By regularly presenting their projects, students sharpen their oral and visual skills. The small scale of our university moreover facilitates very close guidance. Academically this is translated into an intense interaction between education and research. Thus, our programme provides the most recent scientific insights and technological developments to the students.