Erasto Mukama is a Civil and Water Resources Engineer. He joined the department in 2021 as a PhD researcher under the supervision of Prof. Ann Van Griensven. His  research interests include  surface water modelling, climate change and drought monitoring. His current research focuses on exploring droughts within the Great Ruaha Basin in Tanzania under a changing climate.

PhD research

Exploring Droughts in the Great Ruaha Basin under changing climate

Date 2021 - 2025
Supervisors Ann VAN GRIENSVEN , Stefaan Dondeyne

Droughts have become a common phenomenon over the past decades in the Great Ruaha Basin, posing significant challenges to water resources, ecosystems, and communities in the basin. This research explores the dynamics of droughts within the region, with a specific emphasis on the implications of a changing climate. It aims to enhance our understanding of how droughts manifest in this region and how they may evolve in response to changing climatic conditions. The outcomes of this study are expected to contribute valuable insights for sustainable water resource management and adaptation strategies in the face of a dynamically changing climate in the Great Ruaha Basin.