Lorenzo Villani has a background in agriculture and natural resources management. In 2020, he started a PhD in Sustainable Management of Agricultural, Forestry, and Food Resources at the University of Florence under the supervision of Prof. Elena Bresci and Prof. Daniele Penna. In 2021, he joined HYDR as a joint-PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Ann van Griensven. His research interests are sustainable agriculture, water footprint, agro-hydrological modelling, climate change impacts and adaptation strategies. His research will focus on exploring different approaches to estimate climate change risk and possible adaptation strategies, coupling drought risk assessment and agro-hydrological modelling with SWAT+.  

PhD research

Exploring climate change impacts and water-related adaptation strategies integrating drought risk assessment and agro-hydrological modelling

Date 2020 - 2024
Supervisors Ann VAN GRIENSVEN

Climate change is posing several challenges to the world population. Different approaches have been proposed to evaluate climate change impacts and to plan adaptation strategies, but their integration is rare. In this PhD, approaches based on indicators, such as the drought risk assessment, and agro-hydrological modelling, such as the application of SWAT+, are combined to evaluate future climate risk. The general objective is to assess the expected impacts of climate change on crop production and hydrology and to evaluate the most promising agronomic adaptation strategies, integrating drought risk assessment, climate, and agro-hydrological models, towards better water management.